Kayla Braxton expressed concern and frustration after coming across a troubling video on Twitter. The situation began when Braxton responded to a Twitter user who had used offensive language and expressed a desire for attention. Initially, she acknowledged the person’s desire for attention publicly but later deleted the tweet.

In her deleted tweet, Braxton encouraged her followers to investigate and gather information about the individual who had posted offensive comments. She expressed the view that someone who would make such harmful statements deserved to be treated as “worthless scum.”

“@legit_tcw wants attention. I know a lot of you are great little detectives. Find out who this person is, where they work, etc – because anyone who feels brave enough to post this about someone deserves to be treated as the worthless scum they are. Let’s get to work, friends.“

The situation escalated when the offensive tweet was featured in a viral video hosted by Kevin Scampoli. He and someone in his direct messages (DMs) found amusement in Braxton’s distress and discussed the situation.


Kayla Braxton responded to the situation by expressing sympathy for the person who had targeted her with hurtful comments. She commented on the apparent emptiness of individuals who go out of their way to harm someone emotionally and stated that her response to the person was one of sympathy.

“Not sure how someone can be so miserable to go on a public platform and say these things, but I feel so sad for this person. Never heard of him, but he’s probably so empty. He clearly wanted to hurt me, but all he’s got is my sympathy. Man. Sad.”

Braxton later addressed Kevin Scampoli directly on her Instagram story. In her video, she thanked her followers for their support during the recent events involving online harassment. She playfully referred to Scampoli as “Kevin Scumpoli” and mentioned his apparent obsession with her. Braxton revealed that she had obtained a full background check report on him and hinted at using the information for a “rainy day,” suggesting that the time may have come.

”Thank you for enduring my oversharing about what’s been happening in the last few weeks about scumbags. Speaking of scum, Kevin Scumpoli is it? This is the last you’re gonna hear from me directly, but Kevin if you’re listening, which I’m sure you are because you’re obsessed with me – haha, poor kid. I have just received a full background check report on you and oh buddy, buddy, now it all makes sense. I meant to keep it for a rainy day and you know what, it’s actually raining outside, so maybe today’s the day. So uh, just watch out buddy. Alright, I’m sure you’ll be watching on SmackDown, enjoy.”

It remains to be seen whether Kayla Braxton will take any further action regarding Kevin Scampoli or the information she obtained through the background check report. The situation highlights the challenges that individuals, especially those in the public eye, may face when dealing with online harassment and the various ways they may choose to address it.

What do you think of what Kayla Braxton had to say? Do you feel she is justified in exposing Kevin Scampoli after all he put her through? Let us know in the comments section below!

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