Nic Nemeth was released from WWE back in September and he waited until 2024 to make his move. He made headlines after making his TNA debut at Hard to Kill and now he revealed how he planned his surprise return.

Following Moose’s TNA World Title win at TNA Hard to Kill, Nic Nemeth made surprise appearance, attacking Moose from behind. It was made perfectly clear that the Showoff was eyeing gold.

While speaking with TNA on Instagram, Nemeth discussed his approach and previewed his ideal path in the company. He emphasized that at TNA Hard To Kill, he wasn’t solely focused on Moose or the championship. Instead, he sought the moment that would be most memorable and make a significant impact.

Having spent 20 years in another company, he viewed his time at TNA as an opportunity to make a second impression on the world. Nemeth expressed a commitment to earning his opportunities and building towards becoming a legitimate contender, wanting the world to recognize his worthiness for a title shot based on his merits rather than fame or past accomplishments.


“I wasn’t focused on Moose [at TNA Hard To Kill], and I wasn’t even focused on the championship, which I have thought about non-stop for a long time. Like I said, I go, where can I pinpoint the moment where people will make it the most memorable? I did 20 years in one company. I get one chance to make a second impression here on the world. That will be the biggest possible moment and the most talked-about, I think. I really think that helps myself and the company. I didn’t have a plan. Moose is in my target, I got him. I was watching that title match going, whoever wins, I’m sliding in there and going, ‘Here I am, let’s go.’ So I don’t exactly know what my focus is, other than, I have earned everything that I’ve worked for, to a point where I go, I don’t want to stroll in here and be like, ‘Hey, I showed up through the crowd so you gotta give me a title shot,’ or, ‘I’m famous, so I get a ….’

No, I wanted to make my mark there, and now I focus on, where can I fit in? Where can I start building blocks to make myself to where I’m not presenting it, but the world goes, this should be the number one contender, and here’s why. Then, when that happens, I’ll know that I’ll be able to sleep at night going, I have proven myself worthy of a title shot. Okay, now let’s focus on the champion.”

Nic Nemeth also vowed to become World Champion during the TNA Snake Eyes television tapings. Nemeth also made his in-ring debut against Zachary Wentz during the TNA Snake Eyes taping. We will have to wait and see how Nic Nemeth will fare in TNA in the coming weeks, as he has a world of momentum behind him.

What’s your view on what Dolph Ziggler had to say? Do you feel he will become the TNA World Champion soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

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