WWE brought back few Superstars in recent memory, and Carlito is still settling back in after a very long hiatus. Now, as a member of the LWO, he is having a great run, while even venturing to NXT if he’s needed. That return was a long time coming, for sure, and Carlito had his reasons.

Carlito’s first run in WWE started in 2004 as he debuted on the main roster and gained attention for his unique apple-spitting gimmick. Carlito quickly made an impact in WWE by defeating John Cena in his debut match for the United States Championship. After that, he continued, as fans remember that first run with nostalgia.

Carlito also won the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship. He was known for his laid-back attitude and his catchphrase, “That’s cool.” He is back now, and that’s very cool.

Carlito returned to WWE at WWE Backlash, assisting Bad Bunny in a match against Damien Priest. His full-time return was confirmed at WWE Fastlane, where he officially became a part of The LWO.


While speaking to Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail, Carlito discussed his return to WWE. He is very happy about how things have turned out so far, and for obvious reasons.

“One thing led to another, you know? I mean, was it 13 years to get back It was a long, it was a long process. But I think everything happened at the right time. Everything was in different parts. First Bad Bunny, then Puerto Rico, the Rumble before that, and then LWO. Everything kind of just meshed together and just worked out perfectly.

“It [2021 Royal Rumble appearance] was during COVID, so there was no audience there. That was that was a little different, it was weird coming out to just a bunch of screens in the background. But just having seen the reaction after all that, online generally positive comments, that when that’s when I kind of started thinking, ‘Okay, maybe.’ The LWO thing was just the opening at the time. The beginning was just the overall feeling of wanting to come back to and having the desire to come back, stuff I could still do, and knowing exactly I want to do.”

Carlito’s first WWE tenure ended in 2010 when he was released from the company. His first run in WWE left a lasting impression on fans, showcasing his charisma and in-ring abilities.

We will have to see what Carlito does next in his career. He is obviously having a great time with this new run with WWE, one he may not have thought was possible for a while. Thankfully, things are much cooler now, and Carlito plans to keep it that way.

What’s your take on Carlito’s return to WWE? Are you happy that he came back to join the LWO? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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