Hulk Hogan reacted swiftly upon witnessing a severe car accident that left a woman trapped inside an overturned vehicle.

As reported by TMZ Sports, Hogan, accompanied by his wife and a friend, was driving along a Clearwater, FL, highway when the accident unfolded directly in front of them on Sunday night. The car involved in the crash swerved erratically across lanes, seemingly attempting to make a last-minute exit. Unfortunately, this erratic maneuver led to a collision with another vehicle, causing it to flip over.

“We’re told a car erratically swerved across the lanes to catch an exit it was about to miss — and in the process ..”. clipped another car, which our sources say flipped over and tumbled.”

“Hulk and co., our sources explain, pulled over immediately — with HH and his pal, Jake, rushing over to render aid to the driver … a woman whom we’re told was rattled. Since they were first on the scene, we’re told Hulk and Jake actually helped get her out of the car.”


Hogan and his friend immediately pulled over to provide assistance. They hurried to aid the shaken woman who was trapped within the overturned car. Despite the harrowing situation, Hogan and his friend successfully rescued the woman from the vehicle.

Additionally, Hogan’s friend utilized tools to carefully deflate the woman’s airbag, ensuring a safe exit from the car. After unbuckling her seatbelt, they assisted her in leaving the vehicle, averting further potential harm. Hogan’s quick response and actions at the scene were instrumental in ensuring the woman’s safety following the accident.

What do you think of Hulk Hogan’s quick response and heroic actions in rescuing the woman trapped in the overturned car? Let us know in the comments.

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