Kane is WWE Hall of Famer who made a ton of memories in the ring. He also threw his hat into the political arena in a huge way as he became Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. After giving love to Donald Trump, the former POTUS returned the favor.

At the Sunday night caucus event in Iowa, Donald Trump, who is a 2024 United States presidential candidate, received an endorsement from WWE veteran and Mayor of Knox County, TN, Glenn. Then, Trump mentioned Kane and Undertaker in a speech as well.

Donald Trump, who is a WWE Hall of Famer himself, stated that Kane is a friend of his, and he also gave him love as Glenn Jacobs, which could be a big boost for his political career.

“Another man who’s a friend of mine. He’s another one I’m not going to mess around with. He’s Knox County, Tennessee, do you know Glenn Jacobs? Goes by the name, goes by the name of …. Kane. Kane. Where is Kane? Where’s the …. look at the size of this guy. Man o’ man – that’s – he’s all man. He’s all man. He’s good. How many years have you been doing that? You’ve been W, W …. Kane one of the great characters in uhm …. how many …. so how tall are you? You’re six what? 6’8 and weigh what – when you wrestle? Well that’s not bad – I’m not that far away either. That’s not good. You just ruined my day – 300 [pounds]!”


“When I see these guys, some of them like The Undertaker right? And I see him and walks around the ring lifting a 300-pound guy over his shoulders like this. It may be acting… then he throws him into the seats, it’s pretty great.” 

Glenn Jacobs has always been a fan of Trump’s even to a fault, as some fans have dragged him for his controversial opinions. Now, it appears that loyalty may pay off.

Only time will tell if Glenn Jacobs can snag a spot in Trump’s new cabinet. Trump did appoint Linda McMahon as head of the small business administration, so you never know what other jobs he may have for former WWE talent.

For more on this story and so much more, please keep it tuned with us here at Ringside News. You never know what can happen, especially with so much going on in the pro wrestling world and politics.

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