The tension between AEW President Tony Khan and the USA Network continues to simmer, with WWE’s Nick Aldis recently joining in on the fun.

The ongoing feud started when Khan criticized WWE’s booking of Jinder Mahal in a World Heavyweight Championship match on Raw, citing Mahal’s less-than-stellar win/loss record. This criticism led to fan backlash and comparisons to AEW’s own sudden pushes, like Abadon in the TBS title picture and Hook in the AEW World Championship picture.

The initial spark for Khan’s outburst came from a seemingly innocent tweet by the USA Network in response to a wrestling discussion about Mahal and Seth Rollins’ 2012 NXT Championship match. Khan perceived it as a dig at him, and this incident escalated the feud.

Now, the USA Network has waded back into WWE’s storylines, this time in response to Zelina Vega’s tweet about not receiving opportunities on SmackDown. Vega mentioned that RAW General Manager Adam Pearce never had any trouble believing in her. In response, the USA Network made it clear that they have always been impressed by Vega’s work.


Nick Aldis, who portrays the SmackDown General Manager, took note of this exchange and indirectly referenced the ongoing Khan-Mahal controversy in his response, suggesting that it might be in his best interest to foster good relations with those at the USA Network.

The banter between wrestling promotions and their broadcast partners continues to provide entertainment for fans and adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing wrestling landscape.

Do you think these playful jabs and social media banter between wrestling promotions and their broadcast partners add to the overall entertainment value of professional wrestling, or do they sometimes cross a line and become detrimental to the industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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