AEW President Tony Khan has faced scrutiny for some of his decisions over the years. One of these decisions involves his reliance on Cagematch ratings as a reference for booking in AEW. However, the USA Network has taken a playful jab at Khan’s reliance on Cagematch ratings.

Despite receiving advice and assistance from those within the company, Tony Khan continues to shape AEW according to his vision, often leading to last-minute creative decisions that leave AEW talent somewhat in the dark about their directions.

During recent AEW Worlds End media call, Tony Khan defended his use of Cagematch ratings, emphasizing their importance in gauging fan feedback and show quality.

“Recently, we’ve had some of our best shows we have ever done. And this year if you look at 2023 and just to use as samples, you can look at fan feedback from different shows. One site that measures fan feedback is Cagematch.


“Look at the top 100 shows this year and look at how many of them are from AEW. “And if you throw this version of ROH in there too, you get some more but it’s pretty incredible and the top 100 shows that I’ve over 50 votes, top 100 shows even more so than I have over 100 votes look at those and look at how many of them happened in 2023 from AEW or even a couple more from ROH, and that speaks pretty highly I thought but much more so I would talk TV ratings.”

In surprising turn of events during an episode of Monday Night RAW, it was revealed that Jinder Mahal would challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the upcoming show.

Online wrestling personality Raj Giri highlighted the history between Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal on Twitter, noting that Rollins defeated Mahal in the finals of a tournament to become the first NXT Champion. In response, the USA Network’s official Twitter account playfully mocked Tony Khan, asking Giri about the Cagematch rating for that particular match.

”What was the Cagematch rating?”

Despite occasional mockery and criticism, Tony Khan appears undeterred, asserting that he no longer worries about AEW constantly facing attacks. As fans eagerly anticipate what Khan has in store for the coming months, only time will reveal the direction AEW will take.

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