Tony Khan’s Twitter followers got free show today, because the AEW President was in rare form. He didn’t take too kindly to the USA Network trolling him, and he fired off a tweet where Jinder Mahal took collateral damage. Now, the Modern Day Maharaja has responded.

In case you need a refresher, Tony Khan tweeted out to say, “A double standard: @730hook 28-1 career record, on winning streak calls out the Champ, a logical challenge sparks online outrage Jinder has literally lost every single match he’s in for the past year, immediately gets title shot, where is the rage #AEWDynamite TOMORROW on TBS.

Tony Khan then fired off another reply to the USA Network, where Jinder Mahal took even more abuse in the tweet. This was not lost by anyone in the pro wrestling world.

A moral victory for USA is one win more than their World Title challenger Jinder Mahal has in the past 364 days… because it’s been literally a full year since he won a match. You really put AEW in our place getting Jinder Mahal in a big match on your tv show. Do it more often


Jinder Mahal replied back, but it wasn’t in a way anyone expected. While asking a simple question, he also plugged WWE RAW’s January 15th episode.

Who tf is Hook?


That tweet from Jinder Mahal also snapped a two-year silent streak on Twitter. It seems that this was enough to elicit a response from him.

Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins are set to battle each other on WWE RAW’s January 15th episode. That match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is getting extra attention thanks to the AEW President. We have to wonder if the Cagematch rating will be stellar as well.

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