CM Punk and Jack Perry’s backstage skirmish at All In London captured the pro wresting world’s attention. Now, we’re getting a lot more information about what went down by someone who did not sign an NDA.

In September 2023, AEW ended CM Punk’s contract after his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at the All In pay-per-view event. Samoa Joe was reportedly “furious” about the incident, and Punk had to be persuaded to go through with their match.

DJ Whoo Kid, present at the event and part of Swerve Strickland’s entrance, shared his backstage observations on Sirius XM’s Jim and Sam show. He had quite a story to tell about that memory, where he had a great view of a fight nobody in the building thought was on the card.

“You already know what happened in the back. It was straight brawl city. I’m not gonna talk about that. Blood and killing and death [laughs]. You might as well say it. I was right there. We were next. They put us to be ready to go.”


“It was like the moment for AEW and I guess he [Punk] tried to sabotage that moment. He wasn’t trying to go out there. I’m in the middle. You know me, I’m the fly on the wall… It was very intense. I always thought it was fake and sh*t. It’s more real…the sh*t that’s crazy is there was a yelling moment where he was like “yo, f*ck this sh*t this is our moment, everybody get the f*ck out there and do your sh*t. It was very intense. I always respect wrestling after I saw that.”

“There was a yelling moment where he [Joe] was like ‘f*ck this sh*t, this is our moment, everybody get the f*ck out there and do your sh*t.’ I was like, I don’t wrestle, but I was about to go out there. It was very intense. I will always respect wrestling after I saw that.”

“The big guy. The Hawaiian-looking [dude]. It was the guy going ham and I was like, ‘Oh sh*t.’ Then blood was everywhere from the fight before that. They came in and they were bleeding. I was like, ‘what is going on around here?’ This was intense.”

We will have to see what information comes out about this situation next. There may be a lot to unpack, especially if security camera footage, which was originally rumored to exist, ever makes its way out there.

Keep checking back with us here at Ringside News for more on this story, and so many more. You never know what will break next in the pro wrestling world, especially with so many things going on at once.

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