During the January 5th, 2023, episode of AEW Rampage, an incident occurred involving Jeff Hardy that gained attention on social media.

In a specific spot, Jeff attempted to jump off his brother Matt’s back but slipped. While the incident caused a buzz on Twitter and other platforms, Matt Hardy was quick to respond to address the situation.

Matt Hardy explained that Jeff’s slip was a common occurrence in wrestling and that it could happen to anyone. He emphasized that Jeff had experienced similar situations in various decades, from the 90s to the 00s, 10s, and now the 20s. Matt also criticized those on social media who were attempting to create a negative narrative about Jeff’s skills, calling them “pathetic” and mere haters.

“Correct. Jeff slipped. It happens all the time in wrestling. Jeff sometimes slipped in the 90s, the 00s, the 10s & he will slip in the 20s. The people on social media that are trying to create the narrative that Jeff’s not good or whatever the fuck are pathetic & merely haters.”


In addition, Matt clarified a spot from another match where Jeff appeared to “botch” the Whisper in the Wind move. He stated that the incident was intentional, while the recent slip was not. Matt expressed pride in his brother’s performance and highlighted Jeff’s ongoing improvement and confidence since his return to wrestling.

“That WITW spot was actually on purpose, this was not. I agree that Jeff has looked tremendous since he returned & he gains more confidence every outing. I’m extremely proud of him & where he’s at in life.”

Matt’s comments reflected his support and admiration for Jeff’s career and personal growth, emphasizing that mistakes and slips are part of the wrestling business.

What are your thought’s on Matt Hardy’s remark about Jeff Hardy’s botch on AEW Rampage? Let us know in the comments.

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