The Undertaker was part of many memorable moments throughout his WWE career. He had a pretty good moment with Goldust, but it almost lived on in WWE history for another reason entirely.

Undertaker seldom tried to catpure the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but he did face Goldust in a Casket Match for the elusive title at WWE In Your House: Beware of Dog. That match lives on for many reasons.

Leading up to the match, Undertaker faced assaults from both Mankind and Goldust. The segment concluded with the androgynous Goldust touching Undertaker’s body and even grabbing his crotch.

While speaking about this segment on a Q&A episode of his Six Feet Under podcast on Patreon, The Undertaker stated that during the segment where Goldust got all handsy with the Deadman, there was one hope in his head, and it was a big one.


“Alright, you asked the question. I mean, I was just hoping I didn’t become erect. He does have soft hands for a big man… That would have destroyed me. I would have been done. I didn’t like it.”

When The Undertaker was asked if he had any idea “it was coming,” Undertaker replied to say, “I wasn’t even close.” That is great news to hear.

The Goldust character certainly raised a lot of eyebrows when he broke into the scene. It’s anyone’s guess how he would be remembered in WWE history, if the Undertaker pitched a tent in the middle of that famous segment. Odds are, fans would remember that segment for a totally different reason.

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