Logan Paul took responsible actions by compensating victims of the CryptoZoo scam associated with his name. Although it was a nice thought, Logan Paul isn’t covering everyone who lost money.

We previously reported that Logan Paul was called out again for the CryptoZoo scandal. Investors did not receive their money initially, but now they are receiving a refund equivalent to the mint price. This resolution took a considerable amount of time, but Logan Paul is taking necessary steps to address the situation and rectify it. That isn’t winning everyone over.

Logan Paul is now being called out for not doing enough to help out the victims of the CryptoZoo situation. First off, this only applies to people who bought the NFT and still hold them, many investors sold to stop the losses and get something out of the deal. Also, there was a ZooCoin as part of this situation, which was to be used in the burning process with the NFTs, but those people who hold ZooCoin are ignored.

The price of Ethereum is not anywhere where it used to be. Around the time of CryptoZoo, that price was around $4k, but no wit is around $2.2k. This was not lost on people, as Logan Paul is refunding the .1 mint price for those who still hold the NFTs.


This act on Logan Paul’s behalf shows that he wanted to make things right, but he can’t do everything to fix the whole situation. He also has his own lawsuits against him, as he has lawsuits against those who were bad actors in the CryptoZoo situation.

We will keep you posted in case there are more updates to the CryptoZoo scandal. At this point, some people are getting their money back, but that isn’t going to apply to everyone who lost money in this situation.

What’s your take on Logan Paul giving investors their money back? Do you think he’s doing enough? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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