WWE has a lot of things going on, and Triple H has big announcement for fans tomorrow. That being said, the rumor mill has been churning with a lot of steam right now.

TNA Wrestling is rebranding themselves, and a lot of questions are out there. The fact that they are now calling pay-per-views “premium live events” made a lot of fans think that WWE and TNA are now in cahoots.

PW Insider noted that the upcoming Triple H announcement has nothing to do with TNA. After asking around about this question, they came up with an answer that gave no indication that Triple H’s announcement isn’t going to have anything to do with TNA Wrestling.

In asking around with WWE sources today, we are told there is absolutely nothing to the connection that some are making and that the announcement is not related to a TNA working agreement or anything related to that company.  It’s yet another case of people putting 2 and 2 together and assuming 1,000, no different than the assumptions last year that Saudi Arabia was buying WWE and other instances of people who act as if they know something assuming and being incorrect.


WWE is set to make an announcement tomorrow during the WWE 2024 Preview special, and Triple H will be the one delivering the news. WWE made that point a very public announcement. Now, we will have to see what Triple H really has to say.

TNA Wrestling is going to make as much noise as they can. The fact that they are now calling pay-per-views “premium live events” certainly sparked a lot of intrigue, and intentional or not, it got fans talking.

What’s your take on Triple H’s big announcement? What do you think he has to say? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

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