Chris Jericho’s name is capturing ton of attention right now, and not for a great reason. Jericho was accused of having skeletons in his closet. A tweet from Kylie Rae also gave a lot of weight to the allegation that he propositioned her while they were alone in a hotel room. Now, AEW fans want answers.

A clip also resurfaced of Chris Jericho downplaying Vince McMahon’s hush money allegations. That story has a much different light to it now.

Tony Khan was just trying to post a thank you to AEW fans, but that turned sour in a hurry. Khan’s tweet from 11:09 PM after AEW Rampage on December 29th really caught a lot of engagement, but not for the right reasons.

After the allegations about Chris Jericho surfaced, fans flooded Tony Khan’s last tweet about Jericho and Kylie Rae. Those tweets demanded answers of TK.


Tony, we need clarification on what is going on. Kylie Rae sexually assaulted in AEW from Jericho of all people. Can’t sweep this under the rug bud.

Some called for Chris Jericho’s AEW firing. That has been trending for while this morning, as we previously reported.

Bryan Danielson is a part of the AEW disciplinary committee, so we will have to see if he steps in. AEW certainly didn’t need this kind of press, especially on the morning before a pay-per-view event.

2023 has been a very unpredictable year for a number of reason. It appears that we are closing out the year with a huge scandal with Chris Jericho. Keep checking back with Ringside News as more information is made known.

What’s your take on Tony Khan’s current silence regarding Chris Jericho’s allegations? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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