Chris Jericho saw his name trend this morning, right before AEW Worlds End, and it was in a way that he never wanted. Now, some harsh allegations are coming out about Jericho, and we have to wonder how many stories are out there to tell.

Jericho was accused of having skeletons in his closet. A tweet from Kylie Rae also gave a lot of weight to the allegation that he propositioned her while they were alone in a hotel room.

A clip also resurfaced of Chris Jericho downplaying Vince McMahon’s hush money allegations. That story has a much different light to it now.

Lufisto, who has been critic of AEW in the past, spoke out after that Chris Jericho and Kylie Rae story broke. She sent out a very coy “I told you so” post, one where she didn’t name anyone, but the timing of it all was unavoidable.


To those who I spoke in private and ignored it. I told you so.

To those who called me a liar and told me to jump off a bridge. I told you so.

To those who once looked me in the eyes and said “I love you” to publicly bash me to protect your bank account. Shame on you.

Chris Jericho was accused of having skeletons in his closet. There have also allegedly been NDA forms signed, as Nick Hausman called Jericho out for that previously this week, but he was quickly blocked for his post.

These allegations about Chris Jericho are quite heavy. #FireJericho is now trending on social media, which is the last thing Tony Khan needs on a pay-per-view morning.

We will keep an eye on this story for more updates, because more information is likely to surface.

Felix Upton

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