There is a growing desire within WWE to revive Samantha Irvin’s special entrance announcement style.

WWE Superstar and Samantha Irvin’s fiance Ricochet has called for fans to exercise patience and avoid jumping to conclusions after Irvin altered her entrance announcement style.

Irvin, who joined WWE a few years ago as an announcer, has earned a following for her distinctive approach to introducing certain Superstars. However, during a recent episode of Raw, her enthusiastic announcement for Chelsea Green was toned down, reportedly due to decision by a WWE higher-up. While some have advocated for the return of Irvin’s lively announcement style, it has not been reinstated yet.

Ricochet took to Twitter to urge fans to “let things play out” and emphasized the importance of refraining from making assumptions.


If Samantha Irvin is granted the opportunity to restore her distinctive entrance announcement for Chelsea Green, it won’t happen on the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. Instead, the show will feature a compilation of the best matches from 2023, showcasing some of the most exciting moments from Raw over the past year.

Do you believe WWE should bring back Samantha Irvin’s unique entrance announcement style? Let us know in the comments.

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