Samantha Irvin is fan favorite at this point, and she has added her own little zest to some Superstar entrances as she calls their name when they come to the ring. Fans got used to those at this point, so they had to wonder why she stopped the special way she said Chelsea Green’s name.

Chelsea Green used to get a special introduction from Samantha Irvin, where the WWE ring announcer took on a very snotty inflection. That was dropped on RAW, and fans noticed.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that Samantha Irvin was told to scrap her special introduction for Chelsea Green. This is something that others are fighting to return, but it seems that a higher-up stepped in and nixed it.

We followed up on Samantha Irvin noting that it wasn’t her call to scrap the special Chelsea Green entrance. We’re told that word backstage was that the direction came directly from a WWE higher-up, and many were pushing for it to return.


We are not certain why WWE had Samantha Irvin drop her unique introduction for Chelsea Green. Fans really liked it, and it also added a lot to Chelsea Green’s character. Sadly, it seems that they have nixed it for now.

We will have to see if they can fight for Chelsea Green’s unique entrance introduction to return. It also adds even more to Samantha Irvin’s character, because her ring announcing ability has really stood out over the past year or so.

What’s your take on Samantha Irvin having to drop Chelsea Green’s unique introduction? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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