WWE released Matt Riddle from his contract, and this came after he burned a ton of chances with the company. There were over two dozen incidents where he had backstage heat on him, but his name still has a lot of value.

Matt Riddle filed trademark for a nickname that he used while in WWE. He could have some big plans in the pipeline, and there is a lot of interest from multiple places in having him come in.

Matt Riddle has made it clear that he may return to MMA in 2024. He was also just announced for an MLW appearance. As his non-compete clause ends today, along with everyone else who was released in September, it appears that Riddle is not going to waste time.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about Matt Riddle’s current situation. It was stated that the appearance is that Riddle isn’t going to AEW, because they would want his first appearance.


“So, what I find interesting about the Riddle thing, is that probably tells me that he’s not going to AEW, because my gut is that if he was going to AEW, then they would be insistent on his first appearance being with AEW.”

“New Japan would not fall into that. I could see him going to NJPW and working with MLW or TNA when they re-launch. Those are up in the air. Obviously, if there wasn’t a problem with Riddle, then he would be in AEW, but obviously there is.”

Matt Riddle’s WWE hiatus began following an Instagram post in which Riddle accused JFK airport officer of sexual harassment. The post was deleted on September 10th.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Port Authority officers received call about disorderly passenger deplaning, and they encountered Riddle in the terminal, purportedly the individual involved in the disorderly conduct. At that time, an internal investigation was initiated. Later on, actual video evidence confirmed our report.

We will have to see where Matt Riddle appears next. Obviously, his name has value, and he could bring some money to an event. Only time will tell where he pops up next.

What’s your take on Matt Riddle’s next moves? Where do you think he should go next? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Transcription by Ringside News

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