MJF has quickly grown into one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling at the moment. It’s undeniable that this is his time in the spotlight and he is basking in it. MJF has been on a roll ever since he won the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley over a year ago.

Currently, he is the longest-reigning World Champion in AEW history and he has a lot of challengers gunning for him. This hasn’t made life any easier for him in recent weeks as he has a big target on his back.

MJF’s previous title defense was against Jay White at AEW Full Gear where he suffered torn labrum. This has kept him out of action for several weeks now but he is set to defend his World Championship against Samoa Joe at AEW World’s End.

Speaking to Solomonster, MJF plans on walking out of World’s End as the AEW World Championship regardless of his injury.


“I got PRP done and something called EPAT where what they do essentially is, it’s almost like shock therapy straight onto the muscle. I’m not going to lie to you, I cannot lift my arm all the way up north south. Point blank. Probably not something I should be discussing publicly. I’m kind of being known for being honest to a fault. I can’t lose this belt. This world title reign, it means too much to too many people. Most specifically, it means too much to me. I’m going to go in there guns blazing, I’m going to give it 110%. I’ve wrestled Samoa Joe before, hardest match of my reign. I believe I’ve had 11 title defenses, I also hold the world of most title defenses of any world champion in the history of the company. Of every single match I’ve had, the one where I was in the most physical danger was Joe at Grand Slam. I know what I’m heading into, but I’m going to win because I have to win.”

It remains to be seen if MJF will be fully healed by the time he has to defend his AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe at World’s End.

What do you make of MJF’s injury? Do you think he will fully heal before World’s End? Sound off in the comments section.

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