MJF has quickly risen up the ranks to emerge as one of the best pro wrestlers globally. While his charisma plays a large role in that, he is also constantly raising headlines. The AEW World Champion recently opened up about his conversation with John Cena during The Iron Claw premiere. Now, he is addressing Tony Khan’s comments on AEW being ‘constantly under attack’ by wrestling fans.

During recent conversation with Jason Solomon, MJF stated that most of the hate that AEW is getting from fans is because they’re inherently different. He added that people become afraid of things that are different, and he implied that a lot of non-constructive criticism online is a result of that.

“When you think about why people hate us and why we constantly get attacked, it’s because we’re different and being different makes people uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, there is most certainly constructive criticism online genuinely but you’ll find a lot of non-constructive criticism online – just wild irredeemably messed up shit that people are saying that is either untrue or just mean.”

He also addressed how AEW is relatively new, while WWE’s Monday Night Raw has been around for decades. He concluded his line of thought by actually agreeing with Tony Khan’s take on the whole situation.


I think the reasons that’s happening is Monday Night RAW is the longest reigning episodic television show of all time. We have only been around for what four and a half years – that’s new AND that’s different. Different scares people so I actually do agree for once with Tony Khan’s assessment. I think the issue is we’re fresh, we’re new, we feel dangerous to people and I kind of get off on that.”

The Salt of The Earth serves as an executive producer on The Iron Claw, a film based on the legendary Von Erich family. He is also playing the role of Lance Von Erich, alongside stars such as The Bear and Shameless actor Jeremy Allen White and Zac Efron.

What do you think about MJF’s take on the fan-hate that AEW has been receiving online ever since their inception? Let us know in the comments.

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