Jade Cargill made a lot of headlines after she announced that she had signed with WWE. A timeline on when she is going to make her in-ring debut is unclear, especially after she lost her mother, who passed away earlier this month. However, fans are still awaiting her debut, and now a WWE diva has also opened up about it.

Bianca Belair was in a recent conversation with ROAR Around The Ring. She spoke about the expectations she has for Jade Cargill and her integration into the WWE roster. She said that she is excited about her debut and who she is going to face eventually.

“I just think it’s exciting, she’s coming in, and she’s created so much noise without even having a match yet. So, that alone speaks volumes of what she can do for this division, so I am just excited for that. I am excited for whenever she steps out. I am just excited for when that’s going to happen and who that’s going to be with.”

While speaking on the subject of having a match with Cargill, she said that it is going to result in ‘a banger match.’ However, she added that the possibilities for her in WWE are virtually endless.


“I know that in the future, we’re going to have a banger match whenever that comes, but the possibilities are endless. Whenever you can add someone to this division that can bring eyes to the product and make noise, we are always all for that, and I think she’s going to be able to do that 100 percent.”

Jade Cargill signed with WWE all the way back in September. It’s likely that Cargill is going to make her in-ring debut sometime in 2024. With Cargill not being too active on social media, there’s no telling.

When do you think Cargill is going to start wreaking havoc in WWE? Let us your thoughts in the comments below.

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