Liv Morgan, a beloved WWE Superstar known for her wholesome personality both in and out of the wrestling ring, recently made headlines for an unfortunate reason. She was arrested in Sumter County, Florida, following traffic stop, where she faced charges related to the possession of marijuana.

The incident occurred during a routine traffic stop, with Liv Morgan’s vehicle reportedly emitting the odor of marijuana, catching the attention of a Sumter County Deputy. As a result, she faced charges related to the possession of marijuana, with additional concerns about potential possession of synthetic cannabinoids.

Liv Morgan’s legal journey will continue, with her scheduled arraignment for the possession of marijuana set for February 12th, 2024. This incident took many fans by surprise, and they quickly rallied in support of the beloved Superstar on social media.

On Twitter, the #FreeLiv campaign gained momentum, with fans expressing their outrage over the charges and demanding that Liv Morgan be freed from all accusations.


The campaign aimed to shed light on what fans perceive as an unjust situation, with many sharing their support and solidarity for Liv Morgan using hashtags like #FreeLiv, #FreeLivMorgan, and #LivIsNotGuilty. (Note: X/Twitter is undergoing some sort of API change so we had to use screen shots, which you can see below)

As the wrestling community awaits further developments in Liv Morgan’s legal situation, it’s clear that her fans are standing by her side, hoping for a positive resolution to the charges. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, it’s worth noting that Liv Morgan didn’t spend an extended period in jail, and the campaign continues to raise awareness about her case in the hopes of achieving a favorable outcome.

What do you think of this story concerning Liv Morgan? Do you feel she should have been arrested? Let us know in the comments.

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