Mercedes Mone turned heads in 2022 when she walked out of the WWE along with Trinity relinquishing their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships in the process. After leaving the company, both women remained silent for several months until they popped back up earlier this year.

Mercedes Mone made her NJPW debut this year before becoming the IWGP Women’s Champion. On the other hand, Trinity went on to compete for TNA Wrestling where she is locked into a contract.

Mercedes Mone’s rise came to a screeching halt when she suffered leg injury earlier this year. However, she is almost ready to return to the ring but her contract status with NJPW is still up in the air. Many fans believed that she would sign with AEW given that she was in attendance for AEW All In earlier this year. But with the Royal Rumble drawing close, rumors are starting to circulate that Mercedes will make her return at the 2024 Royal Rumble.

SEScoops has since reported that they have been informed by internal sources within WWE that there have been no contract talks between Mercedes Mone and WWE. Moreover, the creative hasn’t discussed any plans regarding her return to the company yet. A long-standing member of the WWE team even stated that “Sasha Banks’ name will only come up when there’s a deal.”


Given that CM Punk’s deal wasn’t finalized until the end, it’s safe to assume that Mercedes Mone could still show up at the Royal Rumble if both parties can come to terms on a deal.

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