During the December 11th, 2023 episode of WWE RAW, CM Punk’s decision to sign an exclusive contract with the RAW brand and his subsequent confrontation with world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins was a significant highlight. The segment, which aired at 9:00 PM Eastern, stood out as the most-watched quarter-hour of the show.

Specifically, this Punk/Rollins segment garnered 1.88 million viewers and achieved a 0.62 P18-49 rating, according to Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics. These numbers were notable, especially considering that the overall viewership for the entire episode was 1.466 million with a 0.46 P18-49 rating.

One factor contributing to its success was that it was the only quarter-hour segment without ad breaks. Additionally, this segment displayed strong quarter-to-quarter growth, with a 25% increase, making it the highest quarter-to-quarter growth recorded on RAW since at least early 2022. This growth even surpasses segments that occurred during ad-free portions of the show.

These statistics highlight the drawing power and appeal of CM Punk’s return to WWE and his interactions with Seth Rollins, making it a standout moment for RAW’s viewership.


What are your thoughts on the significant viewership and ratings success of the CM Punk and Seth Rollins segment on WWE RAW?

Steve Carrier

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