WWE is all about legacy and the company is known to use a lot of legends in the business in order to develop a storyline or even make merchandise out of it. This is especially true in Eddie Guerrero’s case, as WWE used his name a lot this year. This led to Chavo Guerrero making a huge accusation, which he backtracked. Now it appears Guerrero genuinely meant the accusation.

Chavo Guerrero made headlines earlier this year after accusing Rey Mysterio of prostituting Eddie Guerrero’s name. This came as a shock for many as no one expected Guerrero to say such a thing.

Guerrero then claimed that he was just being heel online and had no beef with Rey Mysterio whatsoever. Guerrero then claimed that his family didn’t get paid for using the Guerrero name.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Chavo Guerrero noted that it bothers him that Dominik Mysterio and others make money off of Eddie Guerrero’s name, when it should be going to Eddie Guerrero’s daughters.


”Get a lot of people really trying to capitalize off of the Guerrero name and Eddie’s name. You see it all the time. I mean I just saw it at a house show I was at.”

“Well, he’s[Dominik Mysterio] is also collecting a big paycheck as well. I don’t know if the paycheck wasn’t there, would he be still doing it. That’s what I wonder about, it’s like ‘Hold on a second, because the zeros behind the numbers are probably pretty big.’ Especially right now the way WWE’s paying.”

“When Eddie’s daughters aren’t reaping benefits yes [it bothers me.] If anybody should be making money off of Eddie Guerrero, it should be Eddie’s daughters. I don’t know if that’s correct [If Eddie Guerrero’s daughters get paid from merchandise sales] At least talking to them about it. That’s something that I would definitely wish they were, it’s their dad, that should have been in there, you know, his will and persona, his name and likeness should belong to them. Let them money make the money off of their father.”

We will have to see how Eddie Guerrero’s name is remembered next, and by which company. Odds are, WWE will keep using the Latino Heat branding for a long time. Regardless, Chavo Guerrero backtracking on his previous comments was unexpected by many.

What do you think of what Chavo Guerrero said? Do you feel he is correct in his assessment? Let us know in the comments!

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