Former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero recently made headlines after he joked that Rey Mysterio was using Eddie Guerrero’s name for his own benefit. However, he has now backtracked his comments and explained that he was only playing a heel character.

Guerrero spoke with Bill Apter and clarified that he didn’t actually have problem with Mysterio paying tribute to his late uncle, seemingly backtracking his remarks that he said earlier about WWE not paying up for using the Guerrero name.

“Why would I care? I’m not wrestling for anybody, so why would I actually care? So then I said, ‘Okay, guys, now I’m letting you in on it,’ and that’s what happened.”

The former WWE Superstar explained that he made the comments as a form of entertainment, which is something that WWE creative figurehead Triple H looks for in talent. Guerrero stated that Triple H is not looking for the next best wrestler, but rather the next best entertainer.


“If you can entertain without taking bumps, all of a sudden I have these fans, and there are a whole lot of them – some agreed with me, don’t get me wrong – but there are a whole lot of them saying, ‘How dare you? How this? How that?’ If I can rile them up, not even working for a company and not even working in the ring wrestling, just from a tweet, pretty good heel, huh? Don’t you think?” said Guerrero.

Guerrero also discussed the relationship between his uncle Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit compared to that of Mysterio.

While Guerrero’s earlier comments caused controversy among fans, it seems that he was simply playing a character to entertain fans or so that’s what he wants you to think. His comments about WWE’s focus on entertainment over wrestling also shed light on the company’s current direction.

Steve Carrier

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