Sami Zayn finds himself on the sidelines, and WWE has offered an update on his condition.

Things took a heated turn on the December 4 episode of WWE Raw when Sami Zayn engaged in a fiery confrontation with Drew McIntyre in anticipation of their impending match.

During the exchange, Zayn raised questions about whether McIntyre’s family would be proud of his actions, a statement that visibly angered the former WWE Champion. McIntyre displayed a newfound ruthless streak in their match, specifically targeting Zayn’s leg after the latter appeared to have suffered an injury.

Even after securing the victory, McIntyre remained unsatisfied. He ambushed Zayn backstage and launched a brutal assault on his already compromised leg. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce swiftly called for medical attention, recognizing the seriousness of Zayn’s injury.


Fast forward to the December 11 episode of WWE Raw, where Jey Uso extended his well wishes to Zayn for a speedy recovery. McIntyre, on the other hand, pointed out that he had left Zayn with only one functional leg.

During the broadcast, Michael Cole revealed that Sami Zayn was out of action due to a partially torn meniscus. It was mentioned that Zayn’s evaluation was still ongoing, and further details remained uncertain.

As Sami Zayn’s condition develops, Ringside News will continue to provide updates.

What are your thoughts on Sami Zayn’s injury and his recent rivalry with Drew McIntyre? Do you believe this feud will continue once Zayn returns from his injury, and if so, how do you see it playing out? Leave a comment below.

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