CM Punk has embarked on a journey through various WWE brands since his surprising return at Survivor Series on November 25th. However, the time finally arrived for him to choose a permanent brand home, and this pivotal decision unfolded during the December 11th episode of WWE RAW.

As the second hour of RAW began, CM Punk took center stage, and Adam Pearce emphasized that it was time for action, not a sales pitch. Punk, visibly reflective, shared that he had pondered his decision all week, and it had been consuming him. He acknowledged that Cleveland had not always been a welcoming place for him, as it harbored memories of past experiences, including his debut years ago in the same building.

CM Punk then disclosed that opting to step away from the relentless WWE schedule had been one of the most challenging choices of his career. He stated that his future was beginning anew in Cleveland, where he aimed to rectify some past mistakes. He proclaimed, “my future starts now.”

In a declaration, CM Punk informed Adam Pearce that he had chosen to become the newest RAW Superstar, solidifying his place on the red brand. He expressed, “CM Punk is home.” The atmosphere became even more electrifying when Seth Rollins emerged to confront Punk with a fiery promo.


Seth Rollins didn’t hold back, taking jabs at CM Punk while responding to the fans’ enthusiastic chants for Punk at recent WWE live event. It appeared that the collision course between Punk and Rollins had been set.

Although CM Punk retains his status as a free agent within WWE, he is now officially “assigned” to the RAW brand, marking a promising start for his journey with the red team.

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