CM Punk received one of the most heartwarming responses upon his return to WWE. However, several fans were critical of his return, wondering whether it was a great idea for him to return following his AEW run. There still might be mixed feelings about Punk at WWE backstage, but the way he’s been handling people is reportedly painting a good picture.

Mike Johnson recently spoke about how Punk is being perceived at WWE backstage on the latest episode of the PWInsider Elite show. He said that Punk has been mostly relaxed, chilled out, happy, and jokes with people. Even those who aren’t too big on him have a positive sentiment about Punk.

This is still a fear for several fans that this is merely a temporary good phase of Punk. Everyone knows that the WWE superstar was angry to the point at the end of his last run at the company that he delivered one of the most rebellious pipebombs in WWE history.

Some fans think that Punk might return to his old form as the charm of his surprising return wears off. Many people are also of the belief that Seth Rollins flipped off against Punk at the Survivor Series in a genuine fit of rage. However, the reaction from the World Heavyweight Champion was merely written into the storyline, as they’re scheduled to engage in a feud.


Do you think CM Punk is going to become disenchanted with WWE programming once again now that he’s returned to virtually a different regime? Let us know in the comments.

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