CM Punk’s return to WWE at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event made headlines and sent shockwaves throughout the world of professional wrestling.

The wrestling icon followed up his comeback with appearances on RAW, SmackDown, and even NXT Deadline, and his impact was felt not only in terms of excitement but also in merchandise sales.

On the night of his return at WWE Survivor Series on November 25, 2023, CM Punk’s merchandise sales exceeded expectations, reaching well into the six figures, according to PWInsider. This extraordinary drawing power is a testament to Punk’s enduring popularity and the anticipation surrounding his return.

CM Punk’s presence in WWE has undoubtedly revitalized the wrestling landscape and generated tremendous buzz among fans. As he continues to make appearances and tease his brand affiliation, the excitement surrounding Punk’s comeback is reaching new heights.


Wrestling fans eagerly await his decision regarding which brand he will call his home, whether it’s Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, or NXT. CM Punk’s return to WWE has undoubtedly been a game-changer, and fans around the world are thrilled to have him back in the wrestling world.

As a reminder, Ringside News will be providing live play-by-play coverage of tonight’s show over in our WWE Monday Night RAW coverage hub. It promises to be a memorable episode for many reasons, so it remains to be seen how the episode will turn out.

What do you think about CM Punk’s insane drawing power? Are you glad he is finally back in WWE after this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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