Eric Bischoff couldn’t resist diving in on the return of CM Punk to the WWE ring. During a an episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff dished out the hot takes on Punk’s impact and future prospects in the squared circle.

Bischoff started by raving about Punk’s epic WWE comeback, and boy, was he impressed! He praised the perfect timing of Punk’s surprise appearance at a pay-per-view, emphasizing that it had fans on the edge of their seats. He checked off all the boxes – story, anticipation, reality, surprise – but held off on the “action” part. Bischoff knows it’s coming, and he’s predicting it’s going to be lit!

“Well, it’s working, right? Great reaction. It started out great. A fantastically timed surprise at the end of a pay-per-view, as opposed to the beginning or somewhere in the middle. I thought that was so well done. Story, anticipation, reality, surprise, and action. So far, WWE has checked and double-checked and triple-checked each one of those boxes.”

Eric warned Punk not to go off the rails with any backstage drama. If he keeps his cool and acts like a pro, the sky’s the limit for his WWE journey. Bischoff gave a huge shout-out to WWE for nailing it so far, and we couldn’t agree more!


“It’s going to be great for CM Punk, provided he doesn’t melt down and do some stupid shit. If he keeps his act together and maintains a professional approach to this, he’s going to be hotter than he ever was. Hats off to him. Hats off primarily to WWE because they’re doing it right.”

When the topic of WrestleMania 40 came up, Bischoff said predicted that Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk for the event. He gushed about Seth’s authentic reaction to Punk’s return, hinting that real-life drama is being woven into the wrestling narrative. It’s a recipe for an epic showdown, and we’re all ready for it.

“I’m already convinced it’s going to be Seth and Punk. From the get-go, you know, Seth’s reaction outside the ring when Punk first showed up. Well done, by the way, it felt very believable and real, and perhaps some of it was. That’s one of the great things about taking personal issues from outside the ring and being able to bring them in the ring, turn up the volume on them, and make them a part of the backstory. Make them a part of act one to launch the story. It was really well done, but I think because it was so well done and the focus and everything was there, I’m convinced that it’s going to be Punk and Seth.

As for night two, Bischoff predicts a clash for the ages: Cody vs. Roman Reigns. It’s a dream lineup that’s got us all on the edge of our seats. WrestleMania 40 could be shaping up to be an absolute blockbuster, and we’re here for every minute of it!

Do you think CM Punk will be able to stay out of any backstage incidents under WWE’s watch? Leave us know in the comments.

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