Hulk Hogan, the WWE Hall of Famer and one of the biggest icons in the history of professional wrestling, recently made an appearance on Santi Zap where he shared his thoughts on a wide range of topics. One question that stood out was which of today’s wrestling stars Hogan would want to have a match with.

Hogan, always the showman, had several intriguing names in mind. He mentioned that the wrestling landscape has changed significantly, with only a few true attractions like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Andre The Giant, and John Cena. However, he pointed out that there are some exceptional main event players who are on the verge of greatness today.

Hogan didn’t single out just one wrestler; instead, he named a few he’d like to share the ring with:

  • Roman Reigns: The current WWE Universal Champion and head of the table in WWE.
  • Seth Rollins: Hogan expressed his desire to face Rollins and get up in his face.
  • Randy Orton: Hogan mentioned that he had wrestled Orton once before and would love another opportunity, hinting that their first encounter might have been a fluke.
  • LA Knight: Hogan recognized LA Knight as a rising superstar and said he’d have to get “really ugly” with him in the ring.

Hogan’s picks offer an exciting mix of established WWE stars and emerging talent, showcasing his continued passion for the business and his willingness to embrace the new generation of wrestling superstars. Wrestling fans can only dream of seeing these dream matches become a reality one day.


Would you be interested in seeing Hulk Hogan face any of these current stars on the WWE roster? Let us know in the comment section.

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