WWE has several people in NXT who are on the cusp of greatness and becoming breakout stars. This includes Trick Williams, who truly came into his own on NXT. That said, his biggest storyline remains the mystery attacker, as his identity remains a secret.

Trick Williams was attacked on NXT television a couple of months ago and the storyline suggested someone close to him was the attacker. All signs pointed towards Carmelo Hayes, but there was no conclusive proof about him being the attacker. This is despite Hayes displaying actions that hinted at attacking Williams.

At the NXT Deadline Premium Live event, Trick Willam pulled off the comeback of the century as he ended up winning the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match. The event also opened with Carmelo Hayes beating Lexis King, after which King admitted that he wasn’t the one who attacked Williams.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated on who Trick Williams’ attack could be. He noted how Carmelo Hayes could definitely be the attacker, going on to speculate that Hayes could cost Williams his future NXT Title shot.


I think everyone knows now that it’s gonna be Hayes that attacked Trick. Somehow we are gonna find that out real soon. Trick totally forgave Hayes, which was one of the big stories and Lexis King said ‘It wasn’t me,’ and Trick is acting weird, including at the very end, he’s like behind him. I think everyone expected to attack him, but it just went off the air without attacking him.

I thought the finish of the Men’s match that trick had the match won and Carmelo would screw him and someone else would win. I think Carmelo screws him in the title match. Makes more sense that way cause the whole thing started when Carmelo lost the title with that buck shot thing, which wasn’t Trick’s fault but he lost the title in the first place.”

Only time will tell whether Trick Williams’ attacker will end up being Carmelo Hayes, as fans also feel it would be the most logical conclusion to the ongoing storyline. We’ll have to see how WWE will build up to their inevitable breakup.

What do you think of this speculation for the storyline? Do you also believe Carmelo Hayes will be revealed as Trick Williams’ attacker? Let us know in the comments section below!

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