A couple of weeks ago, Tony Khan announced a new round-robin tournament called the Continental Classic featuring some of the best wrestlers in the company. The tournament participants were divided into two groups – the Gold League and the Blue League.

The tournament started a few weeks ago and is set to conclude at AEW World’s End where the winner will become the first-ever AEW Continental Champion as well as the ROH World Champion and NJPW Strong Openweight Champion.

So far in the tournament, the Blackpool Combat Club members have been dominating their respective groups. Jon Moxley is three for three in the tournament and leads the Gold League and although Bryan Danielson started the tournament late, he won his first match against Eddie Kingston and defeated Daniel Garcia this past week on AEW Rampage.

However, at the end of their bout, Bryan Danielson did something out of the ordinary when he spat on Garcia. Following the match, an AEW interviewer caught up with Bryan and asked him the reason for his unusual act. The American Dragon recalled how Garcia betrayed him last year in his ROH Title match against Chris Jericho after he offered him the chance to join the Blackpool Combat Club.


“Sometimes I do things, and I don’t know why. And I come back here and meditate, and I figure out why. A lot of stuff comes up when I started that match. A lot of stuff that comes up from last year. Things I try to forget but my body remembers. Last year, telling Daniel Garcia that his entire life that he wanted to be a wrestler and not a sports entertainer. And then what happened? When I was facing Chris Jericho in a Ring of Honor World Title match, he completely betrayed me! And I get it. I get it! That happens in wrestling, but if he would’ve joined the BCC, I would’ve treated him like a son! I would’ve treated him like a son!”

“It also brings up this fear that I’ve promised my daughter that this would be my last full-time year as a professional wrestler, and this fear of if the time I go home and I make that promise, and she doesn’t want me anymore. And I couldn’t articulate it when I was out there, but my body felt it. My body felt that fear because eventually, she’s going to grow up and she’s not going to want her dad around!”

Bryan Danielson has previously stated that this is his last year in professional wrestling which means that he is going to stop at nothing to win this tournament.

What do you think of Bryan Danielson’s actions on AEW Rampage? Do you think it was justified? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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