WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently reminisced about plans for a match against CM Punk during Punk’s earlier run with the company. With CM Punk‘s return to WWE at Survivor Series 2023, wrestling fans have been buzzing with anticipation about his next moves.

Nash, speaking on his Kliq This podcast, shed light on the scrapped match and why it never came to fruition. He acknowledged the significant changes in WWE’s landscape, particularly Triple H’s evolving role in the company’s creative direction.

Nash shared, “It’s funny now that Vince has taken a backseat in this whole thing, I see Paul (Triple H), like, he owns it now. He has ownership of that company as far as when they say he’s creative.” Nash highlighted the transformation in Triple H’s demeanor and influence within the company.

“His demeanor, his pacing, I mean, he is in complete control of that situation. There’s never been anybody of his talent in the ring. I mean, when he was with us, we were all ruthless and we were all very driven for our success.”


“It’s such a different Paul now. I know that when I was supposed to wrestle Punk, you know, he just got under Triple H’s skin so bad. Paul just came up to me and just said. ‘I’m going to beat him. You’re not gonna wrestle him. I’m beating him.”

“I’m like, ‘Cool.’ That’s why me and Punk never wrestled. He’s said, ‘I gotta beat this f**ker.’

The revelation about the canceled match between Nash and Punk stemmed from personal dynamics. Nash explained how Punk’s interactions with Triple H led to a change in plans. Triple H was determined to face Punk himself, stating, ‘I’m going to beat him. You’re not gonna wrestle him. I’m beating him.’ As a result, the match between Nash and Punk was scrapped, and Triple H faced Punk at Night of Champions 2011 instead.

Wrestling fans can look back on this intriguing chapter in WWE history, where personal dynamics and creative decisions played a pivotal role in shaping storylines and matches.

What are your thoughts on the canceled match between Kevin Nash and CM Punk, and do you believe it would have been a significant showdown in WWE history? Leave us a comment

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