During recent episode of Kliq This, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash added a humorous twist to the ongoing mystery of why CM Punk checks his watch during his entrance. While many fans have speculated about the meaning behind it, Nash offered a tongue-in-cheek explanation.

According to Nash, Punk’s watch-checking isn’t related to any catchphrase like ‘It’s clobberin’ time.‘ Instead, Nash joked that Punk is actually timing how long it will take before he gets fired again by WWE.

[He’s checking his watch during his entrance] so he’ll have it down to the minute when he gets fired. I hope for the WWE and for Paul [Levesque] that it’s successful as f**k and I hope for [Punk] it is.”

Nash’s comment added a playful touch to the ongoing speculation and discussions among wrestling fans. Regardless of the reason behind Punk’s watch-checking, it’s clear that his return to WWE has generated a lot of excitement and curiosity among fans and fellow wrestlers alike.


As the wrestling world eagerly awaits CM Punk’s next moves in WWE, Kevin Nash’s lighthearted take on the watch-checking tradition brings a smile to the faces of wrestling fans.

What do you think about Kevin Nash’s humorous take on CM Punk’s watch-checking habit during his entrance? Do you have your own theories about why Punk does it? Leave us a comment.

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