WarGames closed the event as WWE held its final premium live show of the year at Chicago’s Allstate Arena. While there were speculations about CM Punk’s return, Randy Orton’s comeback was confirmed. Unexpectedly, CM Punk also made his return, and WWE appeared ready as they introduced new merchandise for him.

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During the press conference after Survivor Series, Triple H was asked about TKO’s involvement in bringing back CM Punk. It turns out that they were in the dark as well.

There has been zero push from anybody past WWE, you know it’s myself, Nick Khan. To be honest, very few people knew about it past that. It’s very funny, really, because now there’s this mystery entity behind WWE.”


“Yeah, we’re doing our thing, and we’re trusted to do our thing and we’re trusted to do what’s right for business. To be honest, the top people in TKO were watching the show going, “holy sh*t.” It’s a good thing.”

Triple H wrapped that up by saying, “it’s a crazy cool time in WWE.” He is excited to do things “in the biggest way possible and keep building on what Vince McMahon made into a global Juggernaut for 50 years.” Triple H intends to make WWE the biggest he can.

We will have to see what happens with CM Punk in WWE from this point on. There is a ton of interest from pro wrestling fans at this point. If anything, CM Punk’s return moved very fast, and very few people knew it was happening.

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