Drew McIntyre is gearing up for WarGames at Survivor Series. That included a heel turn along the way, and he has to spell things out now, explaining why his creative direction took that turn. The fact is that Drew McIntyre’s heel turn was long time coming.

During the November 13th episode of WWE Raw, the show concluded with a highly competitive Undisputed Universal Tag Team Title match, pitting the Judgment Day against Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. Unfortunately for the babyface team, the outcome did not swing in their favor. Drew McIntyre, who had made his presence felt, thwarted Cody and Jey’s chances of capturing the titles once again, solidifying his full-fledged heel turn.

In a surprising twist, Rhea Ripley emerged and shared a handshake with Drew McIntyre, confirming their newfound partnership. With McIntyre now firmly embracing his heel persona, it becomes evident that this collaboration had been in the works for some time. This development also means that Judgment Day has secured a fifth member for their WarGames team at Survivor Series.

Drew McIntyre logged onto social media, and he dropped a video that further explained why he turned heel. He also said that fans who know him won’t turn their backs, because this is a long time coming.


“The best heel turns are the justified ones. Who’s a heel? Who’s a bad guy? Are we not watching the show? Do I have to spell it out even more simply? If you’re a fan of mine, you get it, like I said on RAW, you won’t turn your back on me, you get it. If you do then you’re not a fan of mine or you just haven’t been watching closely.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m a real person. I speak the truth. I’m a real person who had someone pull up in my backyard who is part of trauma which led to the worst period of my career which led to the worst moment of my career. So, Im dealing with it now. I’m doing what a lot of people wish they could do, and it’s what I can do as a WWE Superstar.”

Drew McIntyre will join Judgment Day at WarGames for Survivor Series on November 25th. That will be quite a match, but McIntyre made it clear that he has not officially joined the stable.

WWE also teased the idea of breaking out Drew McIntyre’s Broken Dreams entrance music once again. That could be a stellar addition to his new heel persona.

A recent development regarding Drew McIntyre’s potential departure from WWE has surfaced, as his current contract is slated to conclude in 2024. This new hint came in the form of promotional material that the company released for their historic SmackDown in Berlin. This is interesting, because Sean Sapp noted that no new deal between the two sides has been signed just yet.

We will keep a close eye on Drew McIntyre, and the rest of the pro wrestling world, right here at Ringside News. You may check out the video below to see what the Scottish Warrior had to say.

What’s your take on Drew McIntyre’s heel turn? Is he better off as a babyface? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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