WWE released several Superstars and members of staff since April 2020. Since then fans had been dreading the possibility of more releases in the company. This includes Tyler Breeze, who was released from the company back in June of 2021. Now it appears Breeze was prepared for his release years beforehand.

There was a time when Xavier Woods was told to stay away from Tyler Breeze. Tyler Breeze stayed with WWE from 2010 till his release in 2021, making a lot of memories in those 11 years.

While speaking on the Insight podcast, Breeze explained that from his very first days with WWE, he expected to get fired. That is why he was prepared years beforehand until he was handed his release two years ago.

When I got hired it was 2010 so a way different time. Pre-NXT, this was FCW. FCW was kind of like ‘You’re part of WWE, but WWE is here and FCW is right over there.’ Around the corner and you don’t really see it. Even looking at the hiring cycles [made me think I’d be cut.] When I came in, it was right at the end of when they wanted everybody to be really big and really jacked. Me, obviously, had never been a gigantic guy so I got hired and I came in and I thought ‘Oh my God! There’s no way I’m going to last here, these guys are huge!’ How am I supposed to compete with this?


You’re hired for a reason and all of a sudden you see those people and they’re going. They drop off here or they go up and they do whatever they’re doing. And now all of a sudden they started to hire guys who knew how to wrestle and they wanted to wrestle and that is when all of a sudden you see the Cesaros come in, Bryan Danielson come in, the Moxleys, the Seths. All those guys kind of got away from that ‘look’ and more into the work kind of hiring cycle.

That lasts for a while, and then they go ‘Man we should probably get some big guys in here’ and all of a sudden they’re back in. I saw that cycle go a bunch of times. So when that happens, you have to kind of be realistic with yourself and not live in the delusion of ‘Oh, I’m here. I’m safe.’ You’re never safe and the second that you think you are, you’re out.

The average person’s [career] I think he told me was five years. A five-year career of actually making good money. Even if you make astronomical money, five years is not a long time. It goes very quickly. So even getting into it, you have to have that mindset of ‘What am I going to do after this? What am I going to do when the money stops?’ When all of a sudden your monthly income goes to zero dollars, that’s terrifying.I was with WWE for eleven years so I long made it past my five-year average. But I was ready to go way before my eleven years. I was putting little things in place and everything else was a bonus at that point.”

Tyler Breeze was released from WWE, but he is still around on an UpUpDownDown contract. He is also able to appear for independent promotions. Regardless, we’ll have to see if he will ever return as a WWE in-ring competitor as well.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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