The pro wrestling world is always moving, as wrestlers come and go from a variety of companies all at once. One recent free agent is now able to take WWE up on any offer that they may have for him. We previously noted that WWE had an opportunity to sign Lance Anoa’i years ago, prior to him inking a deal with MLW. Now, he is no longer under contract, but it came a bit too late for him to be a part of the Tribal Court.

Steve Fall conducted an interview with Lance Anoa’i, a former MLW wrestler, delving into his experiences growing up in the renowned Samoan family, his childhood interactions with Yokozuna, the pivotal call he received from WWE, his motivations for seeking an exit from MLW, and various other topics.

It appears that WWE wanted to use Lance Anoa’i in the Bloodline’s Tribal Court segment. MLW wouldn’t let him out of his deal, despite the fact that they weren’t giving him dates. It still cost Lance from being a part of that segment.

‘When I was getting back from Japan, they had no dates for me. They had nothing for me. Nothing was planned. I knew like once I dropped the tag straps, I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen, but since they didn’t give me no dates or anything, no vision, because at first when we signed, the vision was, you know, the Samoans versus the Von Erichs, the Samoans verse 5150, like it was a big tag division. Then slowly it started like, chopping down, and it was the Samoans versus FBI who was a great tag team. We still wrestled great tag teams, but they gave us, they pitched the good selling point to us while we’re there, and then slowly, everything just started dying off, and then we started dying off and I said, ‘Hey, man, I just want to, you know, right now I’m in Japan, but I don’t want my value to go down. I’m enjoying it. I travel back and forth. I didn’t want no conflicts with Japan and MLW’, and they granted me as many tours as I want with Japan. They granted that for me, but just more of the freedom. Maybe a possibility man, you know, we just be able to throw it up man, but who knows. I just wanted that freedom mainly for right now, especially with my family being at the top of the best company there is.”


“I’ve missed a few opportunities being with MLW. That one on A&E. I missed the possibility of being on the Tribal Court they were doing, bringing in the whole family. I missed that opportunity. Now I can do it all. I can be at extra work. I can be at tryouts. Like nothing is stopping me now, so I’m just ready to go.”

“So the Tribal Court, they wanted a lot of us. They asked my grandfather, my dad, my uncles, me, Jacob, they wanted us all and unfortunately, you know, due to our contracts and everything, we weren’t able to, but that’s okay, you know. We weren’t able to, and we just carried on, and now we just don’t know man. Time will tell. Impact looks very strong right now. In January, they become TNA again. AEW looks awesome. You just you just never know. Hey, man, that’s the life of the freedom.”

Lance Anoa’i is now a free agent as MLW let him out of his contract. His tag team partner, Juicy, was also granted his release request.

We’ll never know what would have happened if WWE could have used Lance Anoa’i in that Tribal Court segment. If anything, it would have been a great cameo under Lance’s belt. Sadly, that time passed him by, because MLW didn’t let him out of his contract. Now, he is free to do as he pleases.

What’s your take on WWE wanting to use Lance Anoa’i not being able to come to WWE because of his MLW deal? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

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