Over the years, WWE fans have come across various intriguing stories involving Vince McMahon. He is known to prank people, even the USA Network, and he once said his favorite thing is the look on someone’s face just before you shove them in a swimming pool with all of their clothes on. One of those many stories about Mr. McMahon’s shenanigans involves a night when Vince, under the influence of alcohol, urinated on a WWE Hall of Famer’s bed. Of course, he wasn’t the only one doing it, apparently.

Vince McMahon developed close friendships with many of his employees, frequently socializing with top stars like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Ric Flair. On one memorable occasion, during a gathering at a San Antonio Strip Bar, Vince’s night took an unfortunate turn.

In the company of other renowned wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, the Road Warriors, and Davey Boy Smith, Vince entered the party in an inebriated state. Bret Hart, speaking to Inside The Ropes, shared that Vince showed up at the party with a loosened tie and was an absolute mess as he engaged in revelry with the fellow wrestlers.

The party was nothing short of chaotic, with some wrestlers even playfully executing their signature moves on their boss. Eventually, the group decided to continue the festivities at Ric Flair’s hotel suite, but when they arrived at around 3 a.m., Flair was conspicuously absent. Without hesitation, Vince McMahon proceeded to the hotel reception to obtain the key to Ric Flair’s room.


According to Bret Hart, it was probably Curt Hennig’s idea that, instead of using the restroom, anyone who needed to relieve themselves would opt to urinate on Ric Flair’s bed, as a way of getting back at the Nature Boy. This was something that event Vince McMahon did.

“I remember, I don’t know how [they got in], I think it was Curt Hennig to be honest, whenever someone had to go to the bathroom, they started peeing on the king-size bed in Flair’s room, and somehow it was to get back at Ric Flair. I’m not sure how. It was like a rib. Everybody would pee. There would be like four or five guys peeing on the bed. Everybody peed on the bed. I remember Vince McMahon peed on the bed, and I don’t know whatever happened, but I know Vince paid for everything.”

We’ll have to see if Ric Flair answers to this at all. He has several avenues where he can get a message across, so if he wants to comment on Vince McMahon and other former WWE Superstars using his hotel bed as a urinal, then you can bet that will happen. Until then, we will have to believe Bret Hart’s story, because sadly, Kurt Hennig is no longer around to back up this tale.

This was quite a story from Bret Hart, and an unbelievable prank as well. Still, we have to feel bad for the hotel staff who had to clean up after so many WWE Superstars, and Vince McMahon, urinated all over one of their king-sized beds.

We will have more stories like this, and so much more, as we continue here at Ringside News. Keep checking back, because you never know what kind of stories will break on any given day.

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