A boxing champion and former UFC Champion are set to collide in Saudi Arabia. Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou captured the world’s attention, and there are a ton of huge names in the house for this fight.

Not only did Eminem make the trip to Riyadh for the fight, but Vince McMahon and The Undertaker were there as well. Vince and Taker had lot of good things to say about the UFC while they were there.

Tyson Fury, who is the WBC and lineal heavyweight champion and has made a handful of WWE appearances, is set to take on former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This highly-anticipated fight will unfold within the confines of a boxing ring and span 10 rounds, yet Fury’s coveted title will not be on the line for this matchup.

Tyson Fury, a 35-year-old hailing from Manchester, England, boasts a record of 33 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw, with 24 of those victories coming by way of knockout. In 2022, he demonstrated his prowess by securing a sixth-round TKO victory over Dillian Whyte, and eight months later, he continued his winning streak by stopping Derek Chisora in the 10th round.


Initially, it appeared that Tyson Fury was on the path to challenge unified champion Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight championship, but discussions to finalize that bout ultimately came to a halt in March.

The spotlight turned to Tyron Fury’s clash with Francis Ngannou, which promised to be a spectacle of immense proportions. While Fury’s heavyweight title may not be in play, the contest was set to captivate fans of both boxing and mixed martial arts from Saudi Arabia.

This fight had a ton of fanfare, and that took a long time. The entrances were extended, to say the least. All of that was worth it in the end, as the crowd was more than excited and ready to get this going.

When the fight started, Tyson Fury proved his veteran experience in the ring. He clocked Francis Ngannou with a right hand that drew a pop from the crowd. At the end of the first round, it was apparent that Fury was winning the fight so far.

Round two was uneventful, although many said Tyson Fury won the round. Then, in round three, Francis Ngannou surprised everyone when he knocked Tyson Fury down with a punch. That proved the fight wasn’t over yet.

Round four of ten saw the two exchange a few more blows. This match was not going the way that many expected it to, as Tyson Fury had not knocked out his opponent yet. In fact, Fury was the one who took a knock down at that point.

During round five, both fighters tried their best to score a pivotal punch, and hopefully rake up more points, or even a KO. The same happened in round six, as both fighters entered the second half of the bout.

Both fighters entered round seven with hopes of closing out the fight. Tyson took a shot and fell to his knees at just over a minute left in the round. Then the round closed out to continue onto the eight, with Francis Ngannou looking strong.

The eight round started, with only two left to go. This fight went far longer than many expected, and Tyson Fury hadn’t closed out the battle, either. In fact, he may have been losing the fight at that point. In fact, Tyson Fury kept taking punishment without dishing much out himself.

The ninth round started, and fans could sense that this fight may go the distance. Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou seemed to be taking their time, as the clock continued ticking down. The ninth round ended with Fury looking surprisingly like the underdog in this fight.

The tenth round was the final of the fight, and many fans, including Vince McMahon, didn’t think the fight would go this far at all. In fact, Francis Ngannou was the +700 underdog to win this fight, but things were looking very good for him. The final round ended with both fighters going, but many were very impressed by Francis Ngannou’s performance against Tyson Fury.

In the end, the judges scored this fight and determined a winner. In the end, Tyson Fury pulled off the win with a judge’s decision. The scores were 95/94 Ngannou, 96/93 Fury, 94/95 Fury.

This was quite a showcase in Saudi Arabia, and it may have been a controversial decision as well. For more on this story, and so much more, stay tuned with us here at Ringside News!

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