Baron Corbin has undergone several gimmick changes over the years since he debuted on the main roster in 2016. This included gimmicks such as King Corbin, which saw him getting involved in numerous high-profile feuds over the years. That said, Corbin stated that the death threats he got after a controversial Becky Lynch spot were worth it.

Back in 2019, Baron Corbin teamed up with Lacey Evans and engaged in a feud with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, who were the Universal Champion and RAW Women’s Champion respectively. It culminated in a match at WWE Extreme Rules 2019, which featured Baron Corbin hitting Becky Lynch with his “End Of Days” finisher.

While speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Baron Corbin talked about the death threats he received after hitting his finisher on Becky Lynch. Corbin made it clear that he believes the threats were worth it.

That was Vince’s idea. I was shocked when I got to the building. And it was in Philly, which I knew they were going to go nuts for. It was just like, crazy, and like the death threats after all, worth it. Totally worth it.


Like my Instagram messages and Twitter and all of those things people were like, ‘Dude, I’m gonna stab you the next time I see you for what you did to Becky.’ People buy into what we do. That’s the art of what we do can suspend disbelief. Can we make people think what we’re doing is 100% real, and then people bought into that moment. They’re like, ‘A grown man put his hands on a woman. I want to fight that guy.’ It invoked this rage in people and it was awesome.”

Baron Corbin’s NXT stint may not be his final destination, as he remains open to the possibility of returning to the main roster somewhere down the line. Regardless, fans will never forget this particular spot with Becky Lynch and Corbin will always be glad about that fact.

What’s your view on this Baron Corbin story? Do you feel the death threats were unwarranted? Sound off in the comments!

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