WWE’s NXT brand has a ton of Superstars who could make a big impression on the main roster. That being said, sometimes a Superstar is better off staying in NXT as long as they can.

We previously reported that WWE has no plan for Wes Lee’s main roster call-up at this time. This is in spite of the fact that he “quit” NXT last month and hasn’t been seen since. Another NXT Superstar, who is also going through quite a situation, is also apparently sticking in NXT.

Joe Gacy has been through a lot over the past few months. He was once the leader of Schism, but then the Dyad took off. That tag team is no longer in NXT, as their contracts expired, but now fans are wondering what’s next.

Ava and Joe Gacy formulated the Schism faction before he even debuted on NXT television. Now, he may be onto his next chapter, and he could do it alone. After all, Paul Heyman got pretty close to Ava during NXT this week.


Ringside News reached out to ask about any plan to bring Joe Gacy up to the main roster. We were told that his name has come up, but not in any conversation about a call-up at this point. His name has been mentioned for other reasons, like “a roster review.”

At this time, we have been told that “nothing of consequence” has been discussed for Joe Gacy at this time. He is still listed as an NXT Superstar, so fans will just have to see what’s next for him.

Fans of Joe Gacy will have to seep watching NXT to see what he does next. The former Switchblade Conspiracy member has a ton of experience in the business, and he’s just waiting to hear his name called up to the main roster. That being said, Joe Gacy may have to wait a bit more for that day to come.

What’s your take on Joe Gacy staying in WWE NXT? Let us know what you think about things in the comments section!

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