Rivalries and alliances extend beyond the ring in professional wrestling, often weaving through the digital realm where fans congregate to discuss their favorite athletes. Recently, during Twitch stream, AEW’s Kenny Omega expressed his admiration for WWE’s Roman Reigns, while also addressing his own aspirations within AEW.

Omega’s comments came as a surprise to many fans who might have expected a competitive stance between wrestlers from different promotions. However, his acknowledgment of Reigns’ accomplishments and presentation shed light on the perspectives within the wrestling community.

Speaking directly to his audience, Omega declared, “I’m not gonna accept any Roman Reigns slander in this chat.” He went on to elaborate on his admiration for Reigns’ character portrayal, expressing a sense of envy for the consistent spotlight and storytelling opportunities.

“I really think he’s incredible and I don’t think he’s boring. I would say I’m pretty jealous because Roman Reigns is presented the exact same way I would love to be presented. He’s presented as the man who’s the Champion to have big matches at the pay-per-views where you’re either really cheering for him or cheering for someone else. That’s professional wrestling. He’s getting to do what I did in New Japan so I can’t be a hater on that. I’m a fan.”


Omega’s acknowledgment of Reigns’ success goes beyond mere sportsmanship. Omega’s willingness to praise his counterpart demonstrates a level of maturity rarely seen in such a competitive industry.

What do you think about Kenny Omega’s comments regarding Roman Reigns? Do you agree with his admiration for Reigns’ character portrayal and presentation? How do you feel about wrestlers from different promotions showing respect and admiration for each other? Share your thoughts and join the conversation!

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