WWE has a lot of big decisions in the future as television rights deals are in full swing. The end result of all this could also cause fans to change their television viewing schedule as well as which channel or platform they need to access to watch SmackDown.

We previously reported that WWE is expected to agree to another deal with the USA Network. SmackDown is bit more complicated, because there are two front-runners in the situation. Disney and Amazon could have different ways of using the blue brand as well.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE isn’t even married to Fridays for SmackDown. After all, WWE has aired the blue brand on several days of the week in the past.

“They’re not married to Friday. They’re on Friday because FOX wanted them on Friday. If you remember, they were on Tuesday for a long time. They’d been on Thursday, they’d been on, basically on the night that the network that owns the rights wants them to be on. So perhaps there’s another night that ABC would want them, or perhaps they want them to boost FOX, which they will boost greatly because it’s the number one show on a weekly basis when it comes to cable, on a year-round basis, 52 weeks a year. I mean, it’s not always number one. I mean, obviously, football is always going to beat it. Big sports events will always beat it. But it’s a steady performer. It’ll be a steady performer week in and week out.”


WWE is in the middle of a big change for the company as they are finalizing their merger with the UFC on September 12th, which is today’s date. Only time will tell how that goes to shift things in any respect, because Endeavor could do lot of things to re-shape the company to the new Board of Director’s liking.

Keep checking back with us here at Ringside News for more updates. Television rights deals can be very unpredictable, but SmackDown is certainly going to get picked up somewhere.

What’s your take on WWE changing SmackDown’s day of the week? Are Thursdays or Fridays better for you? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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