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Start time for SmackDown is 8:00 PM EST Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s SmackDown will see AJ Styles go one on one with Jimmy Uso as well as Charlotte Flair teaming up with Shotzi to take on Bayley and Iyo Sky.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown opens with a video recap of Payback that highlights the results and important moments from the show.

SmackDown kicks off live with Charlotte Flair making her way out to the ring for our opening tag team match.

Charlotte Flair & Shotzi vs Bayley & Iyo Sky

Our opening match begins with Charlotte shoving Bayley to the mat. Sky runs into the ring which causes Shotzi to run in as the referee has lost control immediately. The fight spills outside the ring where Sky hits a moonsault off the middle rope to Charlotte and Shotzi outside the ring.

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The match continues live with Sky having Shotzi in a chin lock on the mat. Shotzi gets to her feet and breaks free but is slammed back down and Bayley tags in. Bayley stomps on Shotzi in the corner Shotzi hits an elbow strike to break free from the corner, Shotzi crawls to her corner and dives to tag Charlotte in. Charlotte climbs to the top and hits a flying cross body to Bayley and Sky. Charlotte hits Bayley with a series of chops and then a fall away slam followed by a Charlotte kip up. Sky again runs in the ring and is hit with a suplex. Charlotte goes for a Figure 8 but Bayley counters with an inside cradle for two. Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 again but Sky breaks the hold with a meteora. Asuka sneaks up from the crowd to steal the women’s title belt from Dakota Kai to cause a distraction that allows Shotzi to hit a DDT and cover for three.

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Shotzi

After the bell Asuka gets in the ring and stares down Iyo Sky, Asuka drops the title while laughing and leaving the ring.

We get a recap of Jimmy Uso’s confrontation that saw Solo Sikoa attack AJ Styles backstage as well as the finish of the match between Styles and Sikoa.

Following the video recap Jimmy Uso confronts Paul Heyman backstage where Jimmy tells Heyman that he’s still a part of the Bloodline and wants to know the plan for tonight. Heyman says neither Sikoa or Reigns are here tonight and until the Tribal Chief says Jimmy is still a part of the Bloodline it’s not official. Heyman says he will handle things tonight and Jmmy goes for a handshake but Heyman walks away. As Heyman leaves he approaches AJ Styles. Heyman tells Styles he has enough problems and should stay away from the Bloodline. Styles violently grabs Heyman and pushes him against a wall before Jimmy Uso attacks Styles and saves Heyman, Heyman then makes a phone call to Roman Reigns.

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Back live with Damage CTRL being interviewed backstage. Bayley says that Asuka better mind her own business or they will put her on the shelf like Bianca Belair. Iyo Sky steps up and challenges Asuka to a title match.

LA Knight then makes his way out to the ring and as we all know he gets a gigantic pop from the crowd as LA Knight is set to take on Austin Theory.

Before the match LA Knight grabs a mic and says he didn’t come here to play like The Miz, he came to climb to the very top. LA Knight says one week Miz plays dress up, the next week he plays make believe with an invisible John Cena. Knight says he didn’t ask for Cena’s help or endorsement because he’s already endorsed himself. La Knight is cut off by Grayson Waller making his entrance.

Waller says him and his associate Austin Theory were talking backstage, Waller then brings Theory out and Waller says they are the only tag team on the roster who are undefeated and therefore the greatest tag team of all time. Austin Theory mockingly says “Let me talk to ya” and says that he defeated John Cena and has already defeated LA Knight. Theory says he has already done so much in WWE while LA Knight has just been here. LA Knight calls Theoy a crossed-eyed half wit and tonight he can get his ass kicked with everybody screaming “LA Knight Yeah”.

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LA Knight vs Austin Theory

The match begins with a lock up. Theory hits a shoulder tackle, following another lock up Theory once again hits a shoulder tackle but this time LA Knight pops up and hits a big lariat. LA Knight dives over the top rope into a shoulder tackle that knocks Theory out of the ring. LA Knight then bounces Theory’s head off the announce table. LA Knight throws Theory back in the ring and Theory slams LA Knight’s head off the ring apron and then hits with a neckbreaker from off the apron.

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Back live with Theory avoiding an enziguri and then LA Knight avoiding an elbow drop from Theory. LA Knight hits a running knee in the corner. Theory hits a hard elbow strike and Theory then hits a rolling blockbuster and covers for a two count. Theory is thrown out of the ring and La Knight hits a sliding drop kick. Theory hits LA Knight with a suplex out of the ring. While the ref is distracted Waller rips off the turnbuckle cover exposing the steel ring. Back in the ring LA Knight hits an elbow drop, Waller jumps on the ring apron and Theory gets a roll up for two. LA Knight throws Theory to the corner and Theory just barely avoids the turnbuckle before turning around right into a BFT. LA Knight covers for three.

Winner: LA Knight

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage and he is asked about if he can compete tonight. Styles says he’s still standing and if he can stand he can fight and that nothing is going to stop him from tearing Jimmy Uso’s head off tonight.

The Judgent Day then make their entrance as Balor, priest and Dominik Mysterio bring out an absurd amount of championship gold and a Money in the bank briefcase, they haul that all to the ring for a tag team match up next.

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Back live with Paul Heyman talking to Adam Pearce. Heyman demands to know who is being traded from Raw to SmackDown, Pearce tells Heyman that is not his decision. AL Knight approaches Pearce and demands a match with The Miz, Pearce makes it official for next week. Heyman introduces himself to La Knight, shakes his hand and tells him he’s a big fan before telling LA Knight to knock before interrupting him in a more serious tone.

Back in the ring Damian Preist tells everyone to rise for The Judgment Day. Dominik Mysterio begins to talk as the boos he gets are so loud that I literally cannot make out what he is saying. Priest speaks again as the crowd volume is turned back down and Priest says they have done something that not even the Bloodline could do, defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Crowd noise turned back up as Dominik Mysterio speaks and calls The Judgment Day the most dominant group in WWE history before The Brawling Brutes interrupt them.

Holland says they couldn’t have picked a worse first opponent. Balor laughs in the face of Butch and Butch grabs and snaps Balor’s fingers. A big brawl breaks out and The Judgment Day regroups outside the ring before our match up next.

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Finn Balor & Damian Priest vs Butch & Ridge Holland

SmackDown returns with the match already underway. Priest hits a big right hand strike and tags Balor into the match. Balor locks in a headlock but Butch counters the hold and tags Holland in who spins Balor around beofre planting him with a suplex. Balor escapes a power slam and tags Priest in. Holland picks Priest up and Balor runs in the ring and is picked up as well as Holland slams them both down. Dominik Mysterio causes a distraction that allows Priest to hit a big lariat and tag Balor in. Balor locks in a headlock on the mat, Holland is able to get to his feet and slam Balor and tagging in Butch. Butch hits a shining wizard and hits a moonsault from the top rope to both Priest and Balor outside the ring.

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The match continues live with Butch hitting Balor with a big superplex. Both wrestlers crawl to the corner and tag Holland and Priest in respectively. Holland hits a belly to belly suplex and after tagging Butch back in they hits a double team drop kick/poer slam, Butch covers for two. Priest hits Butch with a big boot and then a strong right hand uppercut. Butch drop kicks Priest tot he corner and Balor tags himself in. Dominik Mysterio runs on the apron to cause a distraction. Bitch grabs Dominik btu Balor gets a roll up on Butch for two. Balor goes up top but Butch rolls away from the Coup De Grace. Priest tags in and goes for a slam but Butch counters with an enziguri. Holland tags in and is planted with south of heaven. Priest then hits another south of heaven to Butch onto Holland. Balor then hits a Coup De Grace and covers for three.

Winners: Finn Balor & Damian Priest

As The Judgment Day celebrate their win in the ring they are interrupted by Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits making their way out to the ring. All six wrestlers stare down in the ring. Lashley says the Bloodline may be crumbling, but it won’t be The Judgment Day taking over, it’s going to be them.

Backstage AJ Styles approaches the rest of The OC. Styles brings up how he was blindsided by Jimmy Uso and screams at them that they have always had each other’s back, Styles says if it’s going to be like this, he doesn’t want them with him in tonight’s match before Styles storms off.

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Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles

Our main event begins with Jimmy Uso going for a corner splash but Styles dodges. Jimmy gets caught up in the ropes and Styles kicks Jimmy’s legs to cause him to crash on the ring apron. Styles hits a snap suplex and then a forearm strike on the mat. We get a lock up and Jimmy hits a back elbow strike. Styles Irish whips Jimmy who flees outside the ring only to be hit with a sliding drop kick from Styles. Styles goes out to the ring apron but is hit with a super kick from Jimmy. We see Heyman and Solo Sikoa stand at the top of the ramp as Jimmy points to them and bounces Styles’ head of the steel stairs.

*Commercial break*

Our main event continues live with Jimmy hitting a big back body drop. Jimmy hits the running Umaga splash in the corner and Jimmy covers for two. Jimmy locks in a headlock on the mat, Styles is able to break free and hit a belly to back suplex. Jimmy hits an enziguri and Styles responds with a Pele kick. Styles hits a lariat to send Jimmy out of the ring. Styles hits a Phenomenal forearm to Jimmy outside the ring. Styles throws Jimmy back in the ring and Jimmy rolls away from the Phenomenal forearm attempt. Styles hits a DDT and covers for two. Styles goes on the apron but gets distracted by Heyman and Sikoa which allows Jimmy to hit a superkick. Styles rolls out of the ring and Jimmy follows and approaches Sikoa. Styles takes out both Jimmy and Sikoa and throws Jimmy back in the ring and hits the Phenomenal forearm, Styles then covers for three.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the bell Sikoa runs in the ring but Styles rolls away. Out of nowhere Damian Priest and Finn Balor run out to attack Styles from behind and throw him back in the ring for Sikoa to hit a Samoan Spike. SmackDown goes off the air with Balor and Priest smugly looking at each other as Sikoa stares them down.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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