Cody Rhodes came back to WWE at WrestleMania 38 last year and wasted no time in making an impact after defeating Seth Rollins in his return match. Rhodes has certainly become a megastar in WWE and now it appears Rhodes emphasized the importance of promos.

The American Nightmare has been on a roll after his return in 2022, as his stock continues to rise with every passing week. Rhodes also makes it a point to be dressed to the nines every week on WWE television as he cuts excellent promos.

While speaking during a recent interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cody Rhodes talked about the importance of promos and stated that he believes fans remember promos far more than matches.

“Here’s the best way to look at it. There’s so many great wrestling matches. I love a wrestling match. I do go back and watch a full match. Most of the time, the memories, moments that we are connected to aren’t in actual match.


Dusty, for example, hard times – this promo he did. That’s typically what most people will bring up and talk about and get into. They’re not actually talking about the match that it reference. I can get to ‘Oh, well here at the gathering, they did this. The finish was a small package out of the figure four.’ I remember, But there’s a good chunk of fans that connect to the promo.

The reason is my dad used to teach promos at NXT which is the developmental system for WWE but he never called it promos. He called it communications class. I got what he meant years kind of into him doing it. His idea of communicating was connecting. That’s really what it was.

You can do all…like today, there’s so many cool what we would call high spot – flips and crazy athleticism. But if they don’t care about you. It’s like watching fireworks, they did it, we’ve seen it. You know. He had the ability to make them care about him, or at least dislike his opponent. That’s the most important thing.”

We will have to wait and see what WWE has planned for Cody Rhodes in the coming weeks, as fans want him to be utilized to the best of his abilities.

What’s your view on what Cody Rhodes said? Do you prefer promos over matches in a feud? Let us know in the comments!

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