Becky Lynch is undoubtedly one of the greatest names in WWE, whose value continues to skyrocket every week. Big Time Becks is a major name in the game and it appears Lynch was very sad after reading an emotional letter from an Indian fan after it was confirmed she will miss WWE Superstar Spectacle.

WWE Superstar Spectacle will be taking place on September 7th in Hyderabad, India and fans in the country are certainly excited for the event. Unfortunately, Becky Lynch confirmed she can’t make the show due to passport issue.

Becky Lynch then took to Twitter and read an emotional letter from a fan in India who made it clear just how important it was to see Lynch at the event. Lynch stated that she was extremely apologetic for missing the show.

My open letter for Superstar Spectacle

On 8th September, I’m going to attend my very first WWE event. I’m feeling a roller coaster of emotions already, I’m super excited, kinda nervous but all in all I’m just incredibly grateful. Been watching WWE since I was just 5 yrs old and now 2 decades later I’m finally getting this chance to watch this wrestling spectacle LIVE, in person. The person that I’m most excited to see is “THE MAN” , “Big Time Becks” Becky Lynch! This woman right there means so much to me. She has inspired me in the ways which I can’t even put into words , which I can’t even comprehend. While watching her, I always felt there was this connection which used to drew me towards the show whenever she used to perform. No matter what character, Rebecca has made me to care about the product like no one else. As the Irjsh lass kicker she told me no matter what, we will achieve our dreams if we won’t give up, she taught me perseverance, dedication and passion. Her sweetness used to add life to not only the show but also within the hearts of people like me.


As THE MAN, she taught me how to fight for what you deserve and how to be confident. As the Big Time Becks, she showed the world that no matter how many life-altering changes you have been through, you can still do anything you want and stay on the very top doing so. But most importantly, I want to thank her for inspiring me to fight my battle with my anxiety. I had quite a rough phase wrt my mental health for a while and just seeing Becky alone used to make me smile. Her story has given me strength & all the hope that I needed. Watching her used to be such an escape for me from my thoughts.

I’m not that god with explaining my feelings but yeah, I just want to thank Becky for being such a role model. I will be attending the show, I’ve my posters & sketches ready, I am ready to cheer my heart out for her. 8th September gonna be magical & we gonna blow the roof off the arena when THE MAN will enter the stadium.

I’m so sorry I can’t make the show anymore 🥺 thank you for all your support. We will rock again ❤️

We will have to wait and see how WWE Superstar Spectacle turn out, as the event might be the jumping pad for future events in India somewhere down the line.

What’s your view on what Becky Lynch said? Do you want to see her in India next time? Let us know in the comments!

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