CM Punk has a lot of heat within AEW right now, and that is a trend that has continued since he started with the company. Now, it seems we are hearing more about a punishment that AEW handed down along the way.

CM Punk grabbed the microphone after AEW Collision on August 12th and said, “Look at this ‘Carolina is Hangman Country’… Earlier today I went to a local supermarket and I figured out why they call him Hangman. It’s because the pegs in the toy aisle are full of Hangman action figures because nobody wants to buy them. He’s a peg warmer, unlike me who moves merchandise, and pops ratings and sells toys.”

Tony Khan spoke about this incident already, and he said that Punk had unresolved issues with Hangman Page. CM Punk also got some heat backstage over those comments.

In the end, CM Punk’s little dig was a receipt for Hangman Page, and the message was heard loud and clear. That being said, there were still consequences.


PW Insider noted that the internal belief within AEW is that AEW fined CM Punk over those comments about Hangman Page. It was not noted how much the fine was for, or where that money went.

The belief among those within AEW is this is true, with some believing the fine may have even been in the five figure range.  No one has (or will) go on record to confirm.

This incident, while it might have been seen as rub at the time, was not a good situation. There is heat there, and issues have not been resolved. In the end, it seems that CM Punk will continue to hate anyone who has aligned themselves with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

We will have to see if CM Punk comes back to AEW at this point. He is suspended after getting into a backstage skirmish with Jack Perry at All In London. At the time of his suspension, there were no plans in AEW for him to work with Hangman Page, or any other members of The Elite.

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